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part of it. Lunched & then did the streets, Oxford & Shaftsbury Ave, Bond & Regent Sts. Wandered through St James Park to Buckingham Palace. In the front of it is the magnificent State of Queen Victoria. I couldn't resist doing some shopping. The things are very tempting, had tea & home again by 8pm, very very tired but firmly of the opinion that London is the leading place of the British Empire – you'll smile & say, silly everybody knows that. I couldn't help being amused at breakfast this morning when I asked of the Sisters her impression of London. She replied that she was "awfully disappointed it was so small". I guess she will change her opinion ere the fortnight is up.

Tuesday 29th
Payday today which kept us confined to the Hotel till 3pm, however it suited me to do some writing & Miss Powell (Mr Powell's daughter who travelled on the Mooltan) came to take me out. It was infinitely nicer having someone to explain things to you. We first went to old Lincolns Inn Courts – those described in Dickens "Bleak House". Next to Temple Court – Inner Temple - & Temple Church where the Knights Templers were buried in the latter end of the 16th Century. For sometime we were winding in and out & round about Temples & Courts. Next we went to St Pauls Cathedral, arriving in time for service. The singing was heavenly. I felt as if it was being carried off with the echo. The Choir is considered the best in London, so I will leave the rest to your imagination. Of the building the ceilings, windows, statuary, tombs too I could not describe their solid grandeur. Just above the Altar were these words,

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