Series 01: Anne Donnell circular letters, 25 May 1915 - 8 July 1918 - Page 16

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a darling and dresses exquisitely. The Prince is a fine looking man.
Another noted man on board is General Legge. He is going to the front to take the place of the late General Bridges.
As yet I have said little of our Hlp-staff but there is plenty of time for that. Our matron is a Miss Wilson from the Brisbane Hlp.
So far she seems to me to be a woman "in a position" & and I am longing to see The woman
We are wondering where our destination is to be – plenty of rumours fly around every day. First is Egypt, then Malta, France & England.
Everyone realises that our boat would be a prize for the Germans & were warned at Colombo of the dangerous waters of the Mediterranean. My room mate is rather funny. She prepares every night in case of a torpedo & as she steps up into her bunk - she looks round and says. Let me see have I got everything, my purse – bangle – watch socks etc. Yes. Goodnight.
I feel so vexed over my correspondence that was to have been posted from Bombay. I took a whole day remembering friends & afterwards learnt because I put one word that I shouldn't have, they were torn up. I hope you won't think out of sight - out of mind – though I can plainly hear

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