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as they go nearly every day I can see myself almost going now. So while I have a little time I will send this off to you. I know you will be somewhat disappointed at it, for you are eagerly watching for a letter of our work.- the next I trust will be more appropriate- though as far as war news goes you understand that one cannot write freely, Tis not that I am not as keen as anyone for I shall just love to be in the swim of work & do not mind in the least roughing it, but on the other hand I like to take advantage of opportunities that present themselves & as I can write to you of things I see- though others do the same for there must be tons of letters go to Australia about Egypt I hope mine won't be too stale.
With loving greetings to you all,
Sincerely Yours
Anne Donnell

P.S. Have notice to hold myself in readiness for Lemnos. All things comes to those who wait, I will be so happy to be there.

Love AD

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