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pottery, eventually arriving at a spot where we have a near & uninterrupted view of the splendid procession. First comes the Soldiers & Arab Musicians- police galore & they do look well in white c their red fez & red belt white gloves- then comes decorated camels & a procession of oblong black black & gold mixtures of draperies carried by soldiers then the different couches of the chiefs. After 20 minutes the Mariah Sacred Carpet comes in sight & why didden't I have my camera with me I could have had such a good snapshot of it & the Notabilities that proceed it for it stopped for quite 5 minutes in front of us. How the crowds cheered c a light-hearted gaiety that acted as a tonic to us in the middle of war & militarism. It was indeed a fine procession this of the Pilgrims setting off to the Holy City of Mecca. Now time has to be thought of. I badly want to enter another Mosque that is near so we step out & take a hasty look around- its all so interesting and the Altar of this one is inlaid c designs in Mother of pearl. We are shown the Koran & then go. The Museum is closed on account of the procession so I miss that, but we go to Shepheards Hotel for a cup of tea & talk about paying for style- 3 small cups & a few Marie biscuits 18 piastres= 3/9. Never mind I have been

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