Series 01: Anne Donnell circular letters, 25 May 1915 - 8 July 1918 - Page 56

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to take you down in for everything. If you pay 1/3 of what they ask you arrive at about their value, paying also for the fun you get out of it.
At noon I leave the 4 Sisters & take a car to see the famous pyramids & Sphinx, its an hours ride out there –very nice too, After leaving the outskirts of Cairo we make a tour of the gardens of Ghezirah between the two arms of the Nile then cross the English bridge & we are soon on the road to the pyramids which is bordered for 8 miles with magnificent Sycamore trees 100 years old. This road serves as an embankment for the rising of the Nile, by the way I am lucky to see this rising which only happens once a year & it is now almost at its full & almost up to the pyramids embankment. One gets a glorious panorama view of all this from Mena House. I soon arrive at Mena. Now converted into a Convalescent Home for our boys- I enquire for Sister Burns- but am sorry she is on duty so we wanted to see the sights together however she finds a substitute in a nice soldier boy & we go off on Donkeys. See the pyramids Sphinx- the Temple of granite & a suite of chambers formed of alabaster & granite- take a ride to the outskirts of the native cemetry, then return by Mena Village

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