Series 01: Anne Donnell circular letters, 25 May 1915 - 8 July 1918 - Page 47

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I was uncertain whether we would disembark or go on to Lemnos in the same Troopship- however orders came through on Sat afternoon & we go to the Grand Hotel for the time being. The Sisters arrived a day earlier than us & were scattered about in different Hospitals working. The Officers & men have gone on to Lemnos to prepare. How tired under present circumstances we are of travelling. We are being termed the 6/- bob a day tourists. Any way we hope to be ready to receive from the big engagement about to take place in the Dardanelles. Sunday I went to St. Marks in the am a pretty English Church & in the evening to the Presbyterian & there it was a touching sight to see the Church packed with khaki, with the exception of a few ladies. I thought how pleased the Mothers would be to know that their boys attended Church & the majority of them stayed to communion. The more one goes about the more one realises how terrible this war is. over Tomorrow morning we start for Lemnos – a 48 hours journey- we are more than thankful. The 30 Sisters have been recalled in.

August 9th
Now I am wondering how I can best explain the next piece of news- and have decided not to go into the why & wherefore of it- only say that I am being left behind at Alexandria for about 2 months and then rejoin them. Whilst here I will be working at the Deaconesses Hospital otherwise No. 19 [indecipherable] – a beautiful building taken over from the Management of Germans

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