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3rd combined letter to my friends

His Majesty's Troopship "Huntsgreen"
The Captured boat "Derufflinger
Norddeutscher Lloyd SS Breman
July 21st 1915

Dear Friends
On Saturday the 17th on returning "(Sister Reid & I) to the Ivanhoe after having been to Lady Wallace's collection in the am. A Matinee in the afternoon Potash & Perlmutter a splendid American play – Then watched the women's procession as it passed Piccadilly Circus" we discovering we are really going in the morning – Twas all too True. 9am found our luggage gone & private buses outside the Hotel waiting to take us to Paddington Station where we leave at 10.30 for Devonport near Plymouth. Arriving there the Sisters & Staff Nurses are separated. Matron with the Sisters go off on a Troopship – colonel Dick in charge of them whilst we have Major Kent-Hughes Sisters Hoadley & de Mestre to look after us, its all so exciting & especially when we discover we are on the above boat. No one o know when we go or where to. There are 2400 souls on board – so the place is well packed. The troops are Middlesex & Welsh chiefly with a small band from Chesshire & 20 R.X. boys 50 Sisters & the remainder The ships crew. On Monday at 4pmm we left – how quietly – not a soul on the wharf to wave a farewell. A destroyer came with us & we needed her too for we were chased by 3 submarines. The boys were on duty all night with their life belts on

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