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They are wonderfully preserved ever to the hair on their heads. In the midst of all this we awaken to the fact that Nature Lags its time for lunch, so we say good-bye & wend our way down to the Temple of Seti 1st & in the Shade of its columns we do full justice to Ibrahim's thoughtfulness. After resting awhile we go to see some other tomb but I was either Too Sleepy or tired for I can't remember the name of it. Then we make a Start to return, rest a little at the Ramesseum, take a snap of it & then we wend our come to the wonderful Colossi. The two Sitting Statues that stand alone in the green fields. For over 3000 years they have daily watched the dawn breaking over the Karnak Temples. The following is a quotation. "But surely they are sufficiently wonderful in themselves, alone in that great plain that is one vast sheet of water in flood time, & one wide expanse of brilliant green for the rest of the year, they gaze into the eastern distance, battered beyond recognition, grey beyond weariness, isolated & unexpected, in explicable dominating all the surrounds them'.

We are so tired when we read the felucca & just sit down & think how delightful it would be to sail down the Nile & no sooner thought then Ibrahim suggests taking us down a couple of miles to see the Orange Grove. We wander in the garden where there are hundreds of orange Trees & eating fresh oranges ad lib. (This place too is spoken of in

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