Series 01: Anne Donnell circular letters, 25 May 1915 - 8 July 1918 - Page 131

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up to see what our new place was like. The scenery all around is simply magnificient. We are situated on top of a high hill & we command a view of all around. To the north & the back is the Brighton race course – Grand Stand & Golf links. In season Royalty visit here! To the South we see the whole city of Brighton as it extends down Seawards and the long terraced houses that principally line the streets on the slopes & hills – especially the suburbs. In the distance is the sea & they tell us that on fine days the Isle of Wight can be seen. And its only 4 hrs journey to Deippe in France. To the east are the down. Some have Shacks & vegetable gardens on them. Then comes the sea again. Then the West and I believe I like the West best. First thing you notice is the valley of graveyards which extend part of the way up the hills & in the midst stands two of the quaintest churchs with Steeples. Looking past this is a range of open hilly country. Now I'm a bit puzzled if I have the North-South-East & West quite right. I believe the sun tried to rise where I said the North was. Never mind those are the 4 views.

How I am rambling on – but there is nothing else to do to-day. We S Nurses are shut in – only allowed out to get some lunch.

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