Series 01: Anne Donnell circular letters, 25 May 1915 - 8 July 1918 - Page 181

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Dante's Dream is there by Dante G Rossetti – And Holman's Hunts Biblical picture. The Triumph of the [Indecipherable]. Done beautiful Nature Scenes by Peter Glint. Cousin David meets us in the evening & takes us to the Grand Opera – Faust. I did enjoy it though when I listen to beautiful music like that such a flood of memories of Australia comes over me. And I long to be with old friends again. The best afternoon is spent on the beach watching a seaplane getting reading to go a journey.

1st I felt quite lucky this morning for I managed to break my journey home to have an hour at Chuter. Twas only a peep really at this picturesque place with all its many Roman treasures. I am alone – but – in that short space of time I see the Cathedral that was built in the 14th Century & wander around it. Above the Choir there are two old tattered flags of the old 22nd Cheshire regiment which were brought through Quebec at the time when General Wolfe was slain. It's a lovely Sunshiney morning & as I walk along the old roman wall to Charles 1st Tower – where he stood and looked across to see his army defeated on Rowton More in 1645, I was able to take a snap of it. I go to the Ancient Cathedral & the ruins of St John's Priory which are near the river Dee. The Suspension bridge & the scenery there is very pretty but I have to Tear myself away. My lady Companion in the train is just as well as she can be. On learning that I was an Aus Nurse Sister she said she was for ever grateful to two of our Sisters who did something to her only son's grave in France. I think twas on that account that I received so much kindness from her. At Victoria Station we part. She to her

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