Series 01: Anne Donnell circular letters, 25 May 1915 - 8 July 1918 - Page 176

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Belfast gives one the impression of being a flourishing city – all business and Industry & quite a contrast to the south of Ireland. The good-bye at 8pm – We take the night boat across to Glasgow – Arriving there in the morning – Such a horrid trip it was but tis soon forgotten for in the afternoon we are on our way to the Western Highlands of Scotland and Lock Lomond. The scenery is just as nice as Killarney though distinctly different. The rugged mountains to the right rise higher & higher as we go & tipped with snow and the burns that cone trickling down first then pushing & rushing on under the rustic bridges and then with a beautiful waterfall empty themselves into the lakes to the left of the railway line. There is the Firth of Clyde – Lock Goil & Lock Long. Tis very interesting watching Lock Long to see if there was any ? ;being ?. For all are ? there for the ? ? At various ? we see the ? all the ? are made at ? And the boy at the Hotel tells me that they ? them at a distance of 1000 Yards & a depth of ? feet. Forgive the marks but on principal I couldn't till disclose the ?s just now. Our distinction is the Tarbit Hotel A delightful spot on the bonnie bonnie banks of Loch Lomond. There is big Ben 3192 feet high riding up on the opposite side of the lake. A delicious afternoon tea is brought in and we lounge back in comfortable Chairs before a bright fire and just purr. Truly nobody ever appreciated comforts like we Sisters do. Then there is William Murie – our waiter. A most graceful personage & looks after our little wants like a Father. Yes I do like the Scotch folk – They are charming – and not always on the alert for a tip. I hope I am not wearying you over the length of this letter – It would be a shame to leave out Scotland. The Manageress has planned the next days outing for us – and

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