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little muddy street. During the afternoon Sister L & G we paddled about in the mud & snow, and we all caught the evening train for Brighton after a perfect day. And so ended the day of the Royal Red Cross."

10th I am afraid of what we all dreaded most is going to happen. The breaking up of our family. We are told there are no units now & which means that we will be placed here and there by the wills of the power that be placed here and there by the wills of the power that be. Such faces seem to appear daily & some of our Moretanti gone. I suppose we should consider ourselves lucky to have been a unit band for so long.

13th Feb You don't know how much I am looking forward to my holiday. And the things I want to do and see. At first I thought I would divide it and stay with friends at Belfast, Manchester & the Isle of Man – but when the others return from theirs & tell of all they have seen in Scotland and Ireland I feel I can't resist some sight-seeing, especially as I may never have another opportunity so now I am hoping to be able to combine the two. There is a party of 6 leaving tomorrow to go to Ireland & Scotland that I would like to join. I have left the asking for mine rather late – but nothing venture – nothing win so I ask but am told that I can't possibly have them before March so is disappointment I resign myself to my fate.

Ross – my nephew has been down for a few days – He has been in the Bristol Hsp suffering with trench feet & is now having leave, I am still on night D & have risked smuggling him into an empty bed at night. So to have his company in the evenings. He tells some thrilling tales of his experiences in France.

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