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are numbered to the Throne room. Miss Gould goes first following by our Matron 'Miss Urlion then there are some English and Canadian Matrons and G.A. Sisters. A few VADS and we staff nurses of No 3 – myself. Bata and Williams brought up the rear – we looked rather nice in our dress uniform – Grey Serge dress, scarlet capes, Soft Muslim Caps and white Kid Gloves. Before reaching the Throne room we pass through 4 other rooms on the way – the first being in Crème and Gold, and on the walls hung all kinds of beautiful old China and There was a glorious fire there for which we were thankful. The procession moved very very slowly. The next 3 rooms were probably state rooms overlooking the piazza. They were much alike, red velvet pile carpets, read and gold upholsteries. Tall palms, massive chandeliers. The pictures and family portraits in these rooms were beautiful. As the numbers got less and [indecipherable] got nearer the Throne Room w could see what was going on. I had a good view of Sister Rees receiving her decoration and curtesying before the King. She did it sweetly and so gracefully and I think she was the only one of our party, who, when the King shook hands with her had the presence of mind to look up and meet his smile. When my turn came I rallied my forces – walked up the room to the chandelier in the Centre where stood the Lord High Chamberlain who stood a few paces to the right of the King – then I turned towards the King, curtsied, took 2 paces forward as if walking in a dream. I had a vague sort of consciences that the King stepped forward to meet me – attached the Cross to my Cape clasped my hand for a brief moment saying some pleasant word which I neither heard nor answered. Then still in a dream I moved backwards 2 paces curtsied again. The turned walked out into a huge hall when I was suddenly awakened

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