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the hills, and went for long long walks by the lake, drank 2 pints of milk a day as extra so that when Saturday came I congratulated myself that I was quite my old self – quite brave and ready to meet any fray.

They say "To be forewarned is to be forearmed. I assure I felt anything but armed when I reached the Ivanhoe and was told that they had all gone to Italy. It was the keenest disappointment and I lay awake all night with a big heartache. Could find no comfort anyway until on reporting at Headquarters in the morning I was told that about half the staff had missed the unit. It went so hurridly at the last and that we not being on the spot Miss McCarthy had replaced them from No 3's staff. And the other left behinds were now at No 3 at Abbeville. Was I selfish in my relief but there was a chance of rejoining them and Mary was there.

It was a horrid feeling to be alone in London I went to Church in the Morning at Argyle Square with the secret hope that some kind person would invite me to their home – but no luck – but on returning to the Hotel I received a phone message from my friend Mrs Hogan asking me to go & see her at a private Hsp. After a great deal of difficulty in finding the place the nurse that opened the door with the Stiffest of manners said "Mrs Hogan and her baby girl are doing

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