Series 01: Anne Donnell circular letters, 25 May 1915 - 8 July 1918 - Page 217

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then give us one day there for the other two are anxious to return to London for two days shopping. Now it so happened that on the branch line we missed a change and went sailing blissfully on for miles out of our course, and was at Bowners or Furness before we discovered our mistake – result the last train had gone so we stayed the night in a crowded cramped up Musty Temperance Hotel for the night. I thought twas good bye to the lakes but after some nourishment Mary the dear knowing my disappointment looked up the time table and found that we could still manage it by having tours there & then catch the evening express to London So at 10.30am we arrive at the Lakeside Hotel – I decide to stay on so book a room that overlooks the lake and the hills opposite – order lunch and then we go for a lovely walk. The scenery is somewhat like Western Scotland only not so rugged. At 12.30 I wave Wak & Mary farewell with a rather sad heart – I felt it was the breaking away from Mary – my beloved companion and say so – but she says how silly of me to spoil my holiday with such foolish thoughts – why nothing could happen – so feeling a bit lighter hearted about meeting again at the Ivanhoe on Sat night I made up my mind to enjoy 2 days 2 days with Nature & how I loved dit. The days were something I roamed

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