Series 01: Anne Donnell circular letters, 25 May 1915 - 8 July 1918 - Page 204

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everything is all right – fortunately we only have a few patients in And those convalescent. Twas horrid under the bed – but we stayed there until the first peep of daylight – when our fears began to vanish, and the funny side of things dawned on us. Once Matron came along with some Whisky that one of the Captains had kindly sent over – I popped my head gingerly out from under the side of the bed and refused – but the more I refused the more she insisted, but I said "Truly I am not frightened Matron" Well she replied "What are you under the bed for then?

Those bombs – Aerial Torpreds bombs – Its Providence that we are alive this morning To see where the four of them plunged into the Earth – and at the side of our Hospital only missing their aim by 40 yards ' that was the nearest'. Fortunately too they fell in soft boggy ground so went deep down before exploding & so lessening the flying shrapnel – Then there were 4 more dropped by another plane to try and get "Australia". They are close enough too – but the other side of the Canal. This is the new deliberate barbarism of the Hun to bomb our helpless wounded in Hospitals, however a greater power was with us – And the Pilot who Aimed for us, was aimed at 10 minutes late by

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