Series 01: Anne Donnell circular letters, 25 May 1915 - 8 July 1918 - Page 199

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imagine this kind belongs more to the poorer class, for there are others with marble vaults and statuary – but they all have the beaded flowers. The children's are quaint – little shelves are put in the room – covered with lace and all sorts of vases and nick nacks about – and always one ornament of Our Saviour and the Virgin Mary.

Tis a glorious evening we walk slowly back and enjoy watching the full harvest moon rise. How the old man in it stands out, and he looks quite handsome. There is such a beautiful air of peace and calmness now the wind has ceased.

Sept 3rd It was too beautiful – At 10pm the Syren gave warning that Fritz was here – Then for two hours he carries on with his frightfulness up in the sky. The barrage from our own Anti-Air-Craft is tremendous and ours the one I spoke about in my last letter we have christened Australia. It's the most powerful one around – being a 60lb high explosive. It thunders out louder than the rest and twice Sums 70 frighted Fritz away. Mary is very excited and thrilled at the Sight and sound of things, but I feel so indignant that men can from a place of comparative safety murder the lives below. The sky and all around is certainly a sight to see – for apart from the numerous searchlights – it is ablaze of flashing lights with the

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