William Keith Gillies diary, 22 March 1916-30 September 1917 - Page 112

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Febuary 1917
26th Orders came from H.Q. early this morning that we are to discontinue with the Anti-Tank Gun Position as the scheme has been cancelled for the time being.
This afternoon I carried on with the remainder of the section, on repairing the and duplication of the "duck walk" tracks between Needle & Rose Trenches. Nos. 1 & 2 Sections were put on to advance road construction this morning & are to continue with it.
28th I am still on the same job with the "duck walks." Last night we had the Gas alarm. At midnight we were woke up & informed that Fritz was sending over gas. We got our helmets on & I fell asleep again, but very little of it came up here.

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