William Keith Gillies diary, 22 March 1916-30 September 1917 - Page 150

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April 1917
10th continued. of Fritz's, on our left towards Arras & on the other side of it. The cavalry are playing an important part on that part of the front as well as this.
11th The weather is just the same & we had a heavy fall of snow about tea time. At noon we received instructions to pack up our gear ready to move any time, & at 4 P.M. we were inspected with "full marching order." The 4th Divn. have been doing well yesterday & to-day. They have broken through the "Hindenburg Line" & are fighting two miles on the other side of it. It is believed that their casualties have been large.
On our left, (towards Arras) it is officially announced that over 160 guns & over 16000 prisoners (including this front) have been captured in the last 3 days.

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