William Keith Gillies diary, 22 March 1916-30 September 1917 - Page 233

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September 1917
15th We were on the same job again this morning & did all the communications to front line, & the whole of the front line & outposts on the sector we are to occupy. At 9.AM our artillery began a barrage on Fritz & kept it up for half an hour, fairly heavy. We had got up to within 300 yds of the front line, when Fritz retaliate with a barrage & we found ourselves in the midst of it. Although it only lasted half an hour it seemed ages & it was a miracle how we escaped.
He kept up a steady shelling on the front line & supports throughout the remainder of the day & we had a good many casualties. The front line is in a very bad state & in places not more than a couple of feet deep. The 7th Londons are also

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