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S.S. "Meklong"

Rabaul 28th October 1914

Dear Sir

I enclose you a copy of my log of "Madang" on a voyage from Rabaul to Kalily bay in search of the Aux. Sch "Samoa" previous to leaving Rabaul (on the 14th inst). I was informed by good authority that the "Samoa" was anchored on the New Ireland coast not very far distant from Rabaul and at once informed the Government. Being desirous of capturing the vessel I asked for permission to do so. On the 23rd inst. I was appointed to take the S S. "Madang" and to bring the "Samoa".

Not knowing the exact spot when the "Samoa" was, and to save time I advised Mr Lambton who took charge of the expedition to let me call at Ullu  on the way and pick up a native guide to show us the place. We found the guides who told us that the "Samoa" was at Kalili bay and that he knew the place well being a native of the district. Leaving Ulu I struck a course for a place marked Kalil on the chart. On sighting the land, the native guide told me that Kalili bay was further North, and altered the course accordingly. We steamed slowly the coast at a safe distance keeping a sharp look out. at 6.30 pm we passed a village off [indecipherable] Island then I sent the boat onshore and inquired from the Natives if the Samoa was still at Kalili - being assured that she was still there we steamed slowly along the coast at a safe distance five to six miles off shore. at 6 am following

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