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Log of H.M.S. "Meklong" From Rabaul to Kalili Bay New Ireland

Saturday 24th October 1914

8.20 am left warf at Rabaul. 11.45 am anchored at W. Mission Station Ulu Island. Duke of York group. Engaged Native pilot for Kalili bay. 12.15 pm left Ulu. 1.10 pm  passed NW point Makada Island. 1 miles off set course NE for Kalil. 2.30 pm arrived off Kalil on sighting the land the Natives informed us that Kalili Bay was along way to the NW of Kalil.

Altered course NW x N   ½ N at 6.30 pm we arrived off [indecipherable] Island, about 25 miles SE of Kalili Bay inquired  sent boat onshore and inquired from Natives if the [indecipherable] Sch. "Samoa" was at Kalili Bay. The natives assured us that the vessel was there but contemplated leaving. We decided to proceed and went slowly along the coast towards Kalili.

Saturday 25th October 1914

6.30 am enterd Kalili Bay steamed alongside the "Samoa" Lieut Commander Lambton and 4 Naval reserve men went onboard took possession and hoisted the British flag (Union Jack) no protest or resistance offered by those in charge. at 8 am left Kalili Bay with Sch. "Samoa" following under our own steam. Clearing the Harbour at 8.5 am we set course S SE (S 22.30 E) for Cape Stevens.

10.50 am Mr Lambton altered course S 22 ° E

2.30 pm P M.  PM  Praed point SE x S 13 miles [indecipherable] SE x S

5 pm passed Praed point   ¼ miles off.

6.15 pm. Moored alongside wharf at Rabaul.

J. Strasburg

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