Item 02: Voyage on H.M.A.T. Berrima to German New Guinea, 1914 - Page 59

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perscribed, at the Garrison Head Quarters; and all firearms, ammunition, and war material in the possession or control of inhabitants are to be surrendered forthwith, as it is also all public property of the late Government.

(8) Non compliance with the terms of this proclamation, and disobedience of such orders as from time to time may be promalgated, will be dealt with according to Mililtary law.

(9) it is herby notified that this proclamation take affect in the whole Island of New Britain and its dependcies from this date

Given at Government Haus  Rabaul

This twelfth of September 1914

Sgnd William Holmes

Brigadier Commanding

Writers Francis Heritage


Brigade Major

God Save the King.

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