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The mail for each Company will be handed out only to the O.C. that Company or upon his written instructions to an orderly.

O.C. units will see that the  men of their command take their daily quinine ration.

5.30 a.m.   Reveille.
6 a.m.        Breathing and Physical Exercise.
6.30 a.m.   Bathing Parade.
7  a.m.       Dry rations to be drawn.
7.15 a.m.   Cooks.
7.30 a.m.   Breakfast.
9 a.m.        Forenoon Parade.
11   a.m.    Forenoon Parade ends.
11.45 a.m.  Cooks.
12 noon      Dinner.
3 p.m.         Afternoon Parade.
4 p.m.         Guards mount and dismount.
5 p.m.          Afternoon Parade   ends.
5.15 p.m.    Cooks.
5.30 p.m.    Supper.
9 p.m.         1st Post.
9.30 p.m.    Last Post.
10 p.m.       Lights Out.  

6.30 a.m.   General Fatigue.
9   a.m       Church Parade.
3 p.m.        Make and Mend.

Requisitions for material and all stores other than rations must be accompanied by a statement setting out the necessity for Issue.   The Garrison Quarter-Master will obtain the necessary authority before requisitioning and enter same with full particulars in requisition book.

The sanitation of the Garrison is in charge of a sanitation squad composed of two men from each Company of the  Garrison under  a N.C.O.   This squad will see that all sanitary regulations are observed.

Instructions to Sentries: -
(a)   Be constantly  on the alert.
(b)   Sentries are not to hold conversation with anyone except in the discharge of their duties.
(c)   All persons (British subjects excepted) are forbidden to leave their houses after 6.30 p.m. daily.   No persons are to pass through the lines, without special written authority from Garrison Headquarters, or the Provost Marshal, excepting as in para. E., herein mentioned.   Chinese and natives are allowed to, pass through the lines without written permission, during daylight only.
(d)   All meeting are forbidden.
(e)   Persons contravening paras. C. and D. are to be promptly arrested and taken to the Provost Marshal forthwith, but all officers, Garrison Military Police wearing their badges, and Native Police, when wearing their white caps, are to be allowed through the lines at all times.
(f)   All lights must be out by 10 p.m.
(g)   Persons attempting to go outside the prescribed boundaries without the required authority are to be arrested and taken to the office of the Provost Marshal.
(h)   In case of fire or any unusual occurrence immediately alarm guard.
(i)   Except in case of necessity it is forbidden to enter any hose or building.
(j)   On mounting guard every man must have filled water bottle and one day's rations.
(k)   Sentries at Barracks will see that no Natives enter the building and that bathing by the Troops takes place only at the authorised morning and evening parades.
(l)   Smoking when on Guard is forbidden.

(1)   No water shall be used for drinking purposes unless boiled for 20 minutes.
(2)   Owing to the scarcity of water shower-baths are forbidden.
(3)   Distilled water is to be drawn by companies each day as under.   Water bottles are to be kept filled every night.

Cooks   -            6 a.m. & 2 p.m.
Headquarters   -              2.15 p.m.
Guards -                          2.30 p.m.
"A"   Company   -            4.45 p.m.
"B"             "                     5   p.m.
"C"             "                     5.15 p.m.
"D"             "                     5.30 p.m.
Naval Detachment   -      5.45 p.m.

By Authority - Lieut. J. Lyng. O.C.
Governmenmt Printer.

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