Item 10: General William Holmes diary, 23 August 1914-22 February 1915 - Page 105

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At 12-10 a.m. the following reply was despatched to the Secretary, Defence, to message received 16th instant, re whereabouts of Mr. Jolley, British Consul:-
"Your 1250: Jolley believed to be at Kawieng, New Ireland;   expedition despatched there for him today."

Signal was also made intimating that the "Moresby" had arrived this morning.

2-10 a.m.   Additional movements of Japanese Squadron were received, viz:-  
"Japanese First Squadron searched Kusal 5th Octr; Ponape 7th Octr;  Urneffe 11th Octr.   A German Naval surveying Ship was captured at last named place.   Japanese Government has been asked  the name of vessel and to report name of place where captured."

The following messages were received from  Navy Board:-

"(2-13am) Navy Board Officers and Men responsible for capture of "Komet". Request further details."
(2-15 a.m.)   To Lucas, Steamer "Moesby":-   Arrange terms "Moresby" deviation Suva, also coal supplied there;   give Captain instructions take particular care preserve Naval Stores from defection Copra.   Cable when she leaves Rabaul, quantity Copra purchased shipped on freight and prospects generally.   "Matunga" leaves Sydney Friday."  
"Burns Philp"

At 3-50 a.m.   the following information was received from Commander in Chief, China:-
"Geier" arrived at Honolulu, 15th Octr."

The "Komet" left at 6-30 p.m. having on board Lt. General and Mrs. Wylde, Dr. Haber. Ex-Governor, Mrs. Mirrow, and 12 prisoners.   The Guard consisted of Lt. manning and 13 others.

Despatches from the Administrator to the Minister for Defence were handed Lt. Manning on departure.   Opportunity was taken to despatch a mail also requisitions for stores from the Heads of the various Departments.

No definite decision has been arrived at between Mr. Lucas of the "Moresby" and the Rabaul Merchants regarding the disposal of cargo.   A deputation of the Merchants was received by the Administrator and they were informed that every facility would be given them for the distribution of their supplies to out-lying stations.

A report was received from Mioka respecting looting by the troops sent out under Lt. Cooper on Monday, 12th instant.   The matter has been referred to the O.C. Troops (Lt. Col. Watson) for immediate report.


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