Item 10: General William Holmes diary, 23 August 1914-22 February 1915 - Page 101

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aT 7-0 A.M. Captain Travers, accompanied by Mr. Lyng  (Interpreter) went on board the  "Encounter".

9-15 a.m.   Dr. Haber arrived from Herbertshohe, and as the "Berrima" was about to leave for Friedrich Wilhelmshafen and the Ship's gangway had been hauled up, the Governor was received on the wharf by Lt. Col. Paton, representing the Brigadier.   Lt.-Col. Paton was instructed to inform the Governor there would be no objection to his remaining at Herbertshohe until the return of the "Berrima" from  Friedrich Wilhelmshafen.

At 9-33 a.m. a message was received from V.A.C. stating it would be much better if a German Officer were placed on board the "Encounter" so that he might accompany Captain Travers on shore with flag of truce.   A reply was sent that the German Officer declined to so act and an Interpreter had been sent in lieu.

About 9-45 a.m. the ships moved in single line ahead inn the following order:-
"Montcalm" (French)
at a sped of 12 knots an hour.

The two German Prisoners (Capt. Von Klewitz and Lieut. Mayer) remained on board the "Berrima".   All other Prisoners were transferred to the Garrison at Rabaul.

Routine duties were carried out on board during the day.   The troops on "Berrima: consist of -
1 Company Naval Reserves.
3 ½  Companies Infantry.
Detachment A.M.C.

The distribution  the remainder of the troops is as follows:-

1 Company Naval Reserves.
4 Companies Infantry
1 Machine Gun Section.
Detachment A.M.C.

4 Companies  Naval Reserves.
1 Machine Gun Section.
Detachment A.M.C.

 ½  Company Infantry.

Pay to the amount of    £493-10-0 was issued to Infantry Troops on "Berrima".

Up to mid-night the ship had sailed a distance of 168 nautical miles.

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