Wynne letters to Claude Leplastrier, 29 October, 15 November 1923 / R. H. Wynne - Page 11

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Turnbull Martin & Co.

S.S. Bauffshire

Dear Mr Leplastrier

Thank you very much for the copy of the "Yandoo" which you left at the office for me. I am very pleased with it & shall put it with my other treasures of the war.

I quite remember your son now that I have again seen the Photo, but it was a little difficult to bring him to memory for the moment.

I was at the Port Street Congregational Church on Sunday Night (Armistice Day) & heard the Rev. Ruth give an address on "Lest we forget"   It was splendid & it must have given heart & courage to many of the congregation who were still mourning the loved one taken & it was splendid when he said "Yes 58000 gave their lives for us! but they still live, they are here now, gazing at us with their bright shining eyes." I could not help thinking what a beautiful thought. We could not see them but they were there


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