Wynne letters to Claude Leplastrier, 29 October, 15 November 1923 / R. H. Wynne - Page 5

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from them in the shape of an illuminated address signed by  all the Officers on board.

It is a beautiful piece of work & painted by one of the Gunners & hangs in a prominent place in my home in England.

To my wife it is priceless & she claims it as her own.

I am deeply grieved to know your son did not return, but those dear ones whom we lost gave their lives nobly so that we might live & it's only for a little while. Believe me  although I was mercifully spared to come through that awful time yet my heart goes out in sympathy to those who had to say "Goodbye" for the last time to those that were dear to them.

Of that voyage home I always think & remember with joy the cheery hearts of the fine fellow.  going to what they knew not & I have always made anxious enquiries of any of them so the copy of the "Yandoo" will be very precious to me & I shall be pleased to meet you.

We leave here for Melbourne towards the end of the week & I hope to be in Sydney some where about Nov 10th or 11th  & will give you a ring to arrange a meeting

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