Volume 2: Letters written on active service, M-W, 1914-1919 - Page 180

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Dear Miss King

No doubt you are thinking I have forgotten you, but really I have been so busy since the signing of the Armistice that I have not been doing any writing at all.

Well I hope you will excuse the delay in writing, and as we are nearly in the New Year we are making the necessary preparations for a little enjoyment.

It will be our last Xmas in this country thank goodness, and I am yearning for an Xmas under dear old Austral skies.

I think I will be leaving England for home about February 1919 so I have not much longer to wait. I am not certain at present, for it is only rumoured that us 1915 boys will soon be leaving for Australia. We are at present in Charleroi (Belgium) and it is a very large town, full of civilians who

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