Volume 2: Letters written on active service, M-W, 1914-1919 - Page 348

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over it, it was not a very pleasant sight to witness. This was four miles North of Damascus at a place called Duma. Talk about water, it was everywhere. I do not think I have seen a prettier place.

The brigade rode through Damascus, the people lining the streets and cheering us. It looks strange to see the Turkish police still keeping the crown [crowd] back. Further in the City they were still scrapping. We passed through to about 12 miles the other side and the next morning took 1,500 prisoners. I took a Divisional Commander prisoner that morning and one of the chaps took his gold watch and a hundred pounds unknown to me. When the German came back he reported it, consequently I had to get back for him.

We lived pretty well out there for about a week on fresh mutton, tomatoes, potatoes and grapes. There are some lovely vineyards all round this place. Damascus is surrounded with fruit gardens and trees, mostly walnuts, and everywhere it has a running stream through it. Electric trams run there but it is a dirty place, all breeds of the world congregate there. Outside the Turkish hospital there was a pile of their dead and waggons heaped up. Choleria must have been rampant or some other epidemic. We are just waiting now for the boat to take us back and the way things are in France it should not be long.

Address:– Lieutenant H. H. Stephen.

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