Volume 2: Letters written on active service, M-W, 1914-1919 - Page 387

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May 21st 1918.

How is the Popsy Wops? I have received no news since your cinquieme letter dated Feb 12th.

Dear One. I'm writing from a bed in the C.C.S. (Casualty Clearing Station). Don't be alarmed. I am quite well and a jolly side safer than I've been for months.

Things have been pretty strenuous during the past few weeks. Above my bed is a field medical card. Date of Entry 19.15.18. "3 months incontinence day and night. Constant dribbling. No history of illness except malaria 5 years ago."

As a matter of fact doctor I can't hold my water. Sleeping in wet clothes has played the deuce with my already too elegant legs. I feel sure all this is highly edifying to the ever patient Popsy Wops. Precious One. If there I one thing I pray for it is to be with you again. All I hope is that you are well and happy. I can promise you that I have been marvelously lucky so far and the spell of lying in spotlessly clean pyjamas, a snow white bed in a tent hospital in glorious French country with French birds singing their hardest in the trees is like a wonderful dream. A rest almost too good to believe true. From here I am to be sent to the base hospital. In any case a welcome change.

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