Volume 2: Letters written on active service, M-W, 1914-1919 - Page 452

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7th A.A.S.C.
4th Austrln. Divisn'l Train
4th Austrln. Division
On Active Service

Dear Dr & Mrs Dunlop

By a great stroke of luck, I received your long & interesting letter of 27th Jan. about a week ago.

The reason I connect luck with the receipt of my mail is, that of late, I have become a sort of Will-o-the Wisp to the Postal Dept. You see, I have been attached to a new Division but the chief reason is that I have been on trek."

The coy. I previously went Turk hunting with was divided into 3 parts about a month ago. Each section formed the nucelus of 3 new formations, the numbers being made up, by new arrivals. Thus each had a "stiffening" of men who had experience on the Peninsula.

About the middle of January I sent you a letter with an account of our departure from Anzac owing to us not being on friendly terms with our neighbours there. Did you get it alright?

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