Balme letter and diary, 29 April 1918 / Gerald Archibald Balme - Page 7

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13½ seconds from the sound of discharge until the shell arrives!

Still normal, so you may as well hear more of our above.
Behind our trench the big ridge slopes away for 1500 yards to Wulverghem, and on our right rear, is a gully down which runs the Light Railway, and also tons of water, from crater to crater.
It is this gully & railway that our pal the Hun shells at all times: but especially at night. More and more guns are being put in quietly. Our home is only 30 yards from this gully – not far enough for comfort.
Other features of this landscape are,

Some very dead mules
Some equally dead Huns
Numerous wooden crosses (4 on our parados)
Much stagnant water and twisted wire
A very batterred and broken Tank.

And this is the year of grace 1917!

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