Volume 1: Letters written on active service, A-L, 1914-1919 - Page 13

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threw back dates in exchange. I might tell you more often they exchange bombs.

In my last letter from home, Flo told me that my brother, Eug, had been accepted and is coming away with the A.M.C. I should not be at all surprised to hear soon that you have enlisted. I firmly believe that we need more men that Australia can supply to chase Jacky off this ground.

I also learned that you they gave him an evening at home on the 28th Aug, but they didn't tell me you were there; yet I presume you were among the merry party.

Well Charley old chap I shall have to close now as our letters have to be as brief as possible. I will write again soon and I'll look forward for another humerous letter from you too very soon. Give Minnie my love & ask her to write.

With best wishes from
Yours Sincerely

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