Volume 1: Letters written on active service, A-L, 1914-1919 - Page 89

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[Copy of letter from Captain Walter Granleese Boys, typewritten under the letterhead of W.Boys & Sons, Specialty Drapers of Maryborough, QLD.]
Somewhere in France. 2/8/16

Dear All at Home,

That I am alive to have a chance of writing to you all once again is a miracle. I have had an experience I never again wish to have.

My Company was ordered into the attack on [blank] [Pozieres] It was a big attack and we had to charge 700 yds. I cannot explain the feeling I had for about 12 hours before the charge. I had sole command of my portion of the attack with 250 men. I had to march on a compass bearing for 3 miles before I got to the debouching point through a perfect hell of fire.

I moved to the attack at 7.30 p.m., and as soon as I began to move I lost all nervousness and felt sure of success. I would like to give you full details of the battle, which was the biggest and fiercest battle yet fought in the whole war, even worse that Verdun they say.

I went with the first line myself and my word my men fought well. They fell around me like flies but on we went as if in a dream while the smell of powder and the din of the guns and bombs etc. nearly turned my head. I reached the Germans' barb wire with "some" of my men, but could not get through and the Hun brought his maxim guns on to us. and we were forced

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