Volume 1: Letters written on active service, A-L, 1914-1919 - Page 104

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the 6th of August 5.30 in the afternoon, there was a great crowd all under cover at different points of the fighting line, on the word of command we fixed bayonets loaded our rifles and then the next thing was charge (oh mummer.)

The Turks poured machine gun fire, Artillery, shrapnell shells, and Bombs, rifle fire, Lydite, and the Lords only knows what into us. We had to get over 80 yards of Flat grounds covered in barbed wire. Well mum we up and at them and for the next 36 hours, well imagine it, I cant describe it. We drove the Turks out of their position in 10 minutes, but it was their counter attack that hurt. I felt like something that had been in a cage with a few playful lions & Tigers for a year or too dinkum

The position we are in is a safe one, no danger at all now. The allies are landing troops in all directions and closing like a net completely crushing the Turks. They are beaten to the wide world and they know it, in fact they tell us themselves. This is a positive fact the We are capturing them in 1 2 3 4 and up to 7 hundred at a time, besides that they are sneaking out of their own lines in dozenens and coming into ours to give themselves up, and they are as pleased as punch laughing and talking, and in fact they show keen pleasure to be taken prisoners. We have strong proof that the German cows are forcing Turkey to fight. The Turks have their own Officers over them besides German Officers. The Turkish

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