Volume 1: Letters written on active service, A-L, 1914-1919 - Page 179

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and went down the hill and us after him right through bushes and prickly's and although I had on shorts and in consequence my near knees all bare, I didn't notice the cuts and prickles going into them.
We got to the foot of the hill and then started along a little valley towa about a hundred yards long, and about thirty yards wide, when down on us came an avalanche of shot and shell. I can tell you I shook considerably while I struck a match to light my fire stick, and then I felt allright.
The Turks were on both sides of us and were rain in front of us and were raining down bombs, shrapnel, high explosive, and were also enfilading us with machine gun fire. Wherever I saw Turks I threw my bombs and then started after them with the bayonet, but a bomb came whizzing over and blew the face off of a Gurka a yard away from me and spattered me with his brains and blood. I was just congratulating myself when I got one and down I went.

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