Volume 1: Letters written on active service, A-L, 1914-1919 - Page 164

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& have commenced Releif work in Lebanon so I hope they soon extend their work out this way, as we are just on the Lebanon border here.

I have not heard from Ron just lately, he is with his Regt somewhere down in Palestine. His Division did not come up into Syria, but operated principally East of the Jordan & South of Damascus, so when Turkey surrendered they went back to Jerusalem & thence to Ludd near Jaffa, where he was when I last heard of him.

[Private, later Lieutenant Ronald James Chibnall, No 1235, brother of Gerald Middleton Chibnall. Ronald Chibnall, a labourer of Middleton, South Australia, joined the Army on 10 May 1915 aged 19, and embarked from Sydney on HMAT A33 Ayrshire. He served with the 2nd Light Horse Regiment and returned to Australia on 13 March 1919.]
We have no idea when we are likely to be coming home, but think we will leave here probably about the end of Feb or March. I haven't applied for my leave to England yet as we are so far up in Syria, but I intend applying as soon as we move down to Palestine

Must close now as it is getting late & my piece of candle is getting very low.
Hoping you are all well
With kindest regards to all
Yrs Mid

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