Volume 1: Letters written on active service, A-L, 1914-1919 - Page 155

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for it. We had a good time here Christmas day the officers organised a dinner it was very nice too not too much drink, there were a lot of speeches made we had the Commanding Officer of the Devonshire Reg there he gave great praise to the Australian forces for there good work at Anzac.
I don't think I told you about the D.C.M. we had in out Coy it was advertised in the papers as the Divisional train of the 4th Bgde but it was not right it did not do our Coy justice although it was rightly put but people especially our friends would not know who it was also our O.C. was mentioned in Dispatches also some of the men and I was out of it all but as they said at the Dinner somebody had to stop behind to do the work this side. I suppose you have heard about the evacuation of the Peninsula it was done without one single casualty that shows how things can be done if they are tried. Well Aunty I will finish

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up here as I have a lot to write to and time is short. Wishing you a Bright and Happy New Year from your loving Nephew Doddie

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