Volume 1: Letters written on active service, A-L, 1914-1919 - Page 152

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off and put them on his own animals and turned back and got through again with not a Scratch, he deserved it too you have no idea what it is like Aunty the bullets come over just like rain So they tell me what makes it bad is you cant see them coming he was congratulated by everyone for his feat.
So you received my photo alright – you asked for my mates name W. Brown he has gone to the front. I only wish I was with him he was a good fellow too.
It is just beginning to get very cold here now have to use an extra blanket one good thing we get good food to keep us warm inside. I met Oswald he was with me for about three weeks he was then called away I dont know where he is now he wont write to me he is funny like that he would not write before frightened I will claim him but I would not do a thing like that
well Aunt I will close here as news is scarce the same thing applies to time hoping you are well and happy
From your loving Nephew Doddie

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