Volume 1: Letters written on active service, A-L, 1914-1919 - Page 147

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[On letterhead of the YMCA "with the Mediterranean Expeditonary Force".]
Oswald Castle

Egypt 7/9/1916

Dear Arnty

I have been writing to you for a long time and have not received any letters from you yet and I hope you will get this one and write to me if you want the adress you will have to go to Lily and get the address for I would like to here from you and hear how you are getting on for I am doing well here.
I am still in Egypt and carnt get away Rod would not clame me for he said that he thought that the fighting was too hot for me but I would rather be their than here in the desert for we are like heathens now and Arnty I would like you to see to Daphne and see that she goes and lives with Lily for she seems to have no one else to care for her now that Mother has gone.
I carnt tell you what we are doing as the censor wont let it pass so I can only keep a diary and write later on and tell you what I have

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