Volume 1: Letters written on active service, A-L, 1914-1919 - Page 362

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all anxious to get away. I don't think it will be many days before we leave At all events if we do leave I will post you a card whenever a mail leaves the front.
I believe Mac Donalds crowd have gone & some are back I did not see him again after we arrived. I have only seen Ian, Wells once So I expect he has gone.
We have not recieved the mail this week, but I expect I will recieve an answer to the first letter I posted to Aunt Florrie. She told me in her last letter that she had just recieved a letter from Arthur & she said it was a splendid letter and she would post me a copy of it as soon as she knew I recieved her letters.
They tell me if you get wounded, that after you are able to get about they grant you six months' holiday & that you can go to England or Australia, so I think I will go to England as Aunt Florrie has asked me to stay there if I come to Eng

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