Volume 1: Letters written on active service, A-L, 1914-1919 - Page 435

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for a time, but after a time you long for your own. Thats one thing when you are over the way fighting you have no time to think of anything.
Bye the way I don't think I told you how elaborate some of the German dug out were. of course they were the quarters of the officers. One was thirty feet under ground, & was made underneath exactly the same as an ordinary five room cottage. Lined with boards & papered Side board chairs table & all complete (oak) Sleeping room, double bed & all sheets matress etc. Book cases, dinner set. Bath room Electric light You never saw the like.
Of course they were taken from French homes & they thought they were there for ever. But we have driven them to hell & we'll keep on driving them. It is a fact their officers have to almost shoot 'em" to make them counter attack. They come in hundreds, but we keep them back & mow them down like wheat.
Hoping you are all well Love & kisses
Your loving Son

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