Volume 1: Letters written on active service, A-L, 1914-1919 - Page 489

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[Page 489]

poem that was read in our forest walk to-day:-

To My Mother 1916
(Rifleman Cox)

If I should fall, grieve not that one so weak and poor
As I
Should die!
Nay, though thy heart should break, think only this:
That when at dusk they speak of sons and brothers of another one
Then thou can say, "I, too, had a son,
He died for England's sake."

[At the bottom of the left-hand page is a drawing of a chess board and a chess piece (king).]
Well, this will be three years away from you, besides the 1911 one when I was in England, but I hope 'twill be the last one of absence and that next one will be your happiest ever. D.V., we'll have a great outing that day. I was so glad to know from your letters that you were picnicing and going out a lot. There's nothing better to drive away loneliness. I have received lots of

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