Volume 1: Letters written on active service, A-L, 1914-1919 - Page 480

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– almost £26. I'm going to have as good a time as I can and see what I can as life is only short at the best of time and theres a few inventions over in France which make it considerably shorter.

Old Fritz is some scraper isn't he? And although someone trod on his belly t'other day and he grunted out something that sounded like 'peace' I think he'll last for a dam long time yet. Anyway he is confining more of his attention to pieces than to Peace. The little old 'Stralian army is going on fine and up to date has had a say in all the big scraps and in most of the small ones and is even now sticking it out on the Somme in weather conditions which are making even the acclimatised Tommy do a job. As Dennis says the 'Stralian & N. Zealanders "have proved the Southern Breed". We're some nation, believe me! The Canucks are not kept in the thick of things like we are.

A letter from Mother tells me A & R's are building a new Shop: I hope you get the best windows. Good luck to it and to you –
With Best Wishes for 1917
Sergt H.G. Hodges.

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