Volume 1: Letters written on active service, A-L, 1914-1919 - Page 539

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[Lieutenant Robert Eric Lenehan, an apprentice of Hunters Hill, Sydney, NSW, joined the Army in August 1914 at age 24, and embarked from Sydney on Transport A4 Pera on 26 September 1914 with the 1st Field Artillery Brigade. He served at Gallipoli but became ill with anaemia following dysentery and was invalided home to Sydney, arriving on 17 September 1915. He died on 10 May 1916.

Letters donated by Mr W M N Garling of Longueville, NSW. Letters written by his son, Lieutenant Terence Ward Garling, are also in this collection (pages 314-321.]
Lieut. Eric Lenehan – (Eldest son of Lieut. Coll. R. W. Lenehan. A.F.A. –) – Left Sydney by transport "Peera" – with first Australian Force – having on board some 400 Artillery horses – had with him accompanying officers Lieut. Richards (Senior officer in command) and Lieut. Asher – Lieut. Lenehan was in the 10th (originally 1st) Battery A.F.A. but joined the Brigade Ammunition Column on the breaking out of war and went away with it on active service – was in Egypt for some months and on reembarkment of Column proceeded to the Dardanelles – further movements explained in letter – became ill & for change was sent to Cyprus – his health at last became so impaired that he was invalided home to Sydney –

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