Volume 1: Letters written on active service, A-L, 1914-1919 - Page 531

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subsided. I was called in to settle many a dispute as to who built the Navy and, of course, like George Washington, I could not tell a lie. I am satisfied more than ever that Australia must keep busy in the boat building line and also give some attention to the formation of a decent standing army. We don't want to fight but we must always be ready and Armies cannot be made in a few months. My experience with this "ragtime" show has taught me that. For any successful body of troops there must be at least a well trained and disciplined nucleus. No one deplores war more than I. Yet it seems that it will always be a possibility and we must get into and remain in a state of preparedness.

Well Jim. old boy. I cannot express my thanks for your kindness in writing so frequently and keeping so well in touch with my dear ones. I hope I shall be able to repay you in some way some day. It may be my fate to never see dear old Sydney again.

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