Volume 1: Letters written on active service, A-L, 1914-1919 - Page 529

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P.T. stands for Piastre, which is 2 ½ d. I shall be an authority on High Finance when I return.

I am in good form now but have just had a few days in hospital with Colic and Influenza. Sergeant Mitchell whom I think you met has been unfortunate enough to lose his voice and has just been notified for return home. I am hopeful that he will be able to sneak this through for me. It is a great shame that he should break down. He is "one of the best" in every respect and we are all very sorry that he is going home. He may have some difficulty in getting back. into employment and as he is an expert among horses and cattle I am taking the liberty of telling him to call on you in case you may know of any thing that would suit him should he need it.

Yours of Nov 6, 17, 21 and Dec 12 are now to hand, also some deferred letters from Mrs. Larkin. They have been to England and back. There are still apparently some letters missing. Suppose they will come along "one of these days".

The boys were all very pleased to receive your cards and all have asked me to thank

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