Item 06: Frank Valentine Weir diary excerpts, letters and news clippings,24 June 1915-1 August 1918 - Page 16

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[Page 16]

I say old sport, most of us are fearfully short of tobacco & matches – somehow[indecipherable] – could you persuade the Col to send along say £25 worth of tobacco (say Havelock) & say ½ a packet of matches per man
We are (the Regt) reduced down to about 300 now. ( Why cant we get some reinforcements. You don't know & none of you over there either) We also want envelopes & paper very badly. Will write you fully when I get [indecipherable] to post paper. When you write enclose envelope & paper for reply. I hear on good authority that during the Turkish bombardment yesterday the Colonel of 8th was wounded.

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