Item 06: Frank Valentine Weir diary excerpts, letters and news clippings,24 June 1915-1 August 1918 - Page 137

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June 15th
Near here is a Sheikhs Tomb , as in the present or in the past notable men have large monuments. These are dome shaped [Shape] and painted white by mashing up Prickly Pear leaves & mixing with water – Good [indecipherable] marks to take Compass bearings on –
June 16th
Horses are much prized by Camel Officers - [indecipherable] [indecipherable] Open the [indecipherable] again today getting men accustomed to the new High Velocity rifles & ammunition – Dust continues & the Beach seems afar off
June 17th
[indecipherable] General M – our old o/c & one time the [indecipherable] Medical Officer in South Africa – Beach tomorrow at last – Did not go to [indecipherable] A howling dust storm blew all the afternoon – We have lost our good old Padre who is now a Major & at [indecipherable] H. Quarters –
Beach !!! I've had a swim this morning & built a "Bivy" facing the Mediterranean just 60 yards from the waves – it is a break to be clean again

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